Past and Present

Hello there! ☀

Although I haven’t been around for a little while, since Friday last week to be preise, and my schedule has been a bit chaotic, I still wanted to share what’s been going on.

The Easter weekend was lovely and quiet, we didn’t get up to much because my lower back had most movements quite impaired. We kinda just hung out at home and went for a little walk waddle around the block. That along with plenty of cuddles with this little guy..


Mowgli also was quite the busy little boy kitten – it was his first birthday on Thursday! This means he’s not a kitten anymore and if he was human he’d be about 15 years old now! A teenager!!! 😳 Apparently.. 😊 Needless to say, he’ll always be our little baby..err – kitten! We got him a present in the shape of some premium ham.. Oooh he was delighted with himself 😻
Quite different to last June and Mowgli’s first visit to the Vet, when he wasn’t so happy (after a thorough ear cleaning and check-up), I present to you the cutest, yet annoyed little kitten


Aaaanyway, on to workouts..or rather lack thereof! Argh! All I’ve been able to do is walk really. My Love and I went for a few 2.6/.7 walks around the city late at night on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, but yesterday we managed to switch it up and headed out for a simple 2 miler in the morning! Woohoo! 😃
My back is nearly all mended now, for the moment anyway, so I’m hoping to be back to the excitement and fun of strength training and running. 💪

As for this weekend- I gotta dash to work now, actually and tomorrow’s the same, but I shouldn’t and won’t complain, because they have been cutting hours at work and I take what I can get!

Happy weekend!!!


When Life Gives You Lemons

Sooooo…it’s been a while.. a month to be exact! One month that has been jet-packed with my – gulp – 30th birthday, a big night out for the same :D, work and many interval and few strength sessions. But mainly it felt like all I was wearing was either my work uniform, workout clothes or pjs..well except for that certain night out. I got lucky in the sale at Oasis and found not one but two outfits..



The winner was the beaded navy dress, only because I had a feeling that the jumpsuit would have meant too much hassle after a few too many drinks. All in all, our group of friends had a fantastic night, or so I’m told ;). It only took me a day and a half to feel up to scratch for a run.

I won’t bore you with the more or less monotonous weeks since then and jump straight to today. The plan for today didn’t quite as I’d imagined, partly because I couldn’t drag myself out of bed early enough to go to the gym without having breakfast, and therefore spent what was left of the morning and afternoon catching up on such exciting things like laundry and cleaning.. whoopdeedoo. So I thought I’d go the gym this evening, although earlier than I’d usual, during the after-work-rush-hour to be precise. Biiiiig mistake!

I gave it a chance and hopped on a bike for 10 minutes, no one was budging, not a cooldown in sight. Instead of waiting around a bit longer and with a delicous dinner awaiting me at home, I gave in. After dinner there was one thing I couldn’t get outta my mind – Lemon Meringue Pie!

My camera’s batteries gave up on me, hence no photographic evidence, but I also made a modification – I felt like more of a cakey(?)-spongy texture rather than a pastry one. Well, I mixed together some Madeira cake mix with wholemeal flour, added an egg, vanilla extract, baking powder and some water, poured it into a springform cake tin, and let it bake for about ten minutes. While the unconventional base was baking, I whisked a can of Nestle Light Condensed Milk and two egg yolkes together, before adding the juice of two and half lemons. A couple of minutes later, the base was done and I poured the condensed milk/egg/lemon mix over it, popped it back into the oven and for a further five minutes. Meanwhile, my old reliable handmixer came out to play to do it’s magic with a couple of egg whites :). Finally, I folded in a few (ahem, I didn’t measure anything,except for the obvious, i.e. eggs, can of condensed milk,once I perfect this I’ll make sure to measure everything out) spoons of sugar, spooned the meringue over the rest of the cake and let it bake for five additional minutes. The result was deliciously moreish, if I do say so myself. The boyfriend loved it too!

The moral of today – even if your day doesn’t turn out quite as planned, there still might be some cake at then end of it! 😀