Thank you, Kitten!

“What greater gift than the love of a cat?” – Charles Dickens


Thank you, Mowgli, for being in my, in our, life! I’m so grateful for your company, unconditional love, trust and comfort, the fun and excitement you bring to every moment of every day! Thanks for “training” us to your liking and convenience 😛 and your unique character. Thank you, for the happiness and joy you bring, your affection. And thanks for turning your daddy into a cat person! 😀

“Sleeping together is a euphemism for people, but tantamount to marriage with cats.” – Marge Percy

Thanks, Mowgli, for keeping our feet/back/neck warm at night and your lovely purr for a wake-up call in the morning! Thank you for listening to me and occupying my lap whenever you get a chance ❤ and for your curiosity, the constant entertainment and letting us entertain you!

“Gentle eyes that see so much,
paws that have the quiet touch,
Purrs to signal “all is well”
and show more love than words could tell.
Graceful movements touched with pride,
a calming presence by our side
A friendship that takes time to grow
Small wonder why we love them so.” Author Unknown



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